My Favorite After School Activity

17 Dec

Wine TimeYesterday, a dear friend drove up from Austin to see me. Shawna Adams Kleban. Shawna recently became a new mother to beautiful Ayden Blue. I’ve met Ayden a few times, usually over a cup of coffee at Starbucks or a quick lunch at the Round Rock Outlet Mall where Shawna and I occassionaly try to squeeze a little time in to see each other. This time, I had them all to myself. I got to relish in the baby sounds and smells (the good and the bad) for a whole day and night . After vegging out all afternoon watching Ayden do all the cute baby things that put a smile on a girl’s face,  we walked down to the kids’ school on an unusally warm Texas winter day to pick them up. Instead of coming home, shoving snacks down their throats and  rushing Ella off to tap class like we usually do on Wednesday afternoons, we spread out an old blanket, invited some neighbors over, opened some wine and let the kids and dogs take over our neighborhood. Heaven help those who tried to drive thru the bikes, scooters, and packs of dogs on my street. This is honestly one of my favorite things to do in life. Nothing is better than seeing your children, running around, enjoying just being a kid –getting dirty, creative and plum worn out after a day of sitting in a classroom. Or watching your dogs frolic and wrestle around with other canines til they’re so tired they all resort to laying down in the grass and taking naps. Or catching up on friends’ holiday plans, in-law stories and favorite Christmas cookie recipes. Thanks Shawna for making the trip to see me. Our times like this are very limited since we’ll be leaving Texas soon. I cherish you and our friendship.

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