What Pre Schools are making the grade…

26 Jan

Ella and Mrs. Carmen, St. Christopher's Pre School, 4-year old class

My daughter, Ella, attended St. Christopher’s for two years during our three years at Ft. Hood. It was a close knit community where many of the moms knew each other and did gym dates and lunch together after dropping off their precious bundles.

The hours are pefect because pick-up time is just before KISD lets out so you have ample time for both.

School hours are 8:45 to 2:15 Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Some moms have trouble with this because they view it as paying to have their child nap. I, however was ecstatic. My daughter was never a napper and usually ended up helping the teacher during nap time. They also helped me a great deal in the potty training department. Sometimes, a child is way more inclined to listen to their teacher over their own mom (as many of you can probably relate)

Other facts:Classes were generally around 10-15 students with a main teacher and an aid as well. All classrooms have bathrooms. We packed a sack-lunch every day. The school provided snacks. Every Wednesday was chapel. They do a very cute Christmas program where the kids dress up as angels, shepherds, sheep, etc…

For our family, it was a pefect fit. I felt Ella learned her fundamentals (letters and numbers) in a very fun, positive and close knit environment.

One thing that stands out in my mind about our time there is one day I had had THAT kind of morning. You know the ones you have about half way through a deployment when your emotional and mental state is…”delicate” I had been rushed out of the door, had an FRG meeting on post that morning and realized that I had totally forgot Ella’s lunch. Carla, the school’s assitant director, called to remind me. I think she could sense the stress in my voice. She asked me if Ella liked hot dogs and chips. I said yes. She said not to worry, she could easily put a little lunch together for her. She was my miracle worker on a day I really needed one. That is one thing that sticks out in my mind about St. Christopher’s. It’s a mom-n-pop type of pre school in which the staff generally looks out for your child and you. They are aware that this is a miltiary community and are big supporters of us temporarily single gaLs.

Cost: $235 month with a twice a year supply fee of $50

For more information:
2800 Trimmier Rd
Killeen, TX 76542

Many of my friends might argue with me that Grace Lutheran or “Grace” as many of them call it, is the best pre school in the Ft. Hood area. I think I was initially turned off because of how long the waiting list is for the school. The day that sign up begins, I have heard stories of moms waiting at 4 a.m. to make sure their child was signed up. Hard to believe that is the situation in a small town like Killeen!

There is no doubt that it is a great school and maybe that is the reason for the wait. Their web site was down today so I could not look up their information. Army gaL paL Erica Van Epps’s daughter, Addison, attended and I know that she loved the school. I’m hoping that she will chime in on this post with her postive experience there and divulge more details as well.

Erica, the floor is yours: 😉

From gaL paL Erica:

Thanks for giving me the floor E!

So, I would agree Fort Hood is very lucky to have not one, but two awesome pre-schools.

We picked Grace because for us the hours and days worked better. I liked that we went every other day instead of 3 days in a row and I didn’t want to pay for a nap and lunch when Addison could just do that at home with me. Now, I will say that when we moved to Fort Hood she was 18 months and Grace was the only school that would take one as young as she was (I don’t know what Saint Christopher’s age requirement is).

I know the waiting in line for “admission” is intimidating for some. When I got Addie into Grace we hadn’t even PCS’d to Hood yet and I was able to do it all over the phone! The next year I didn’t get up at 4am, I went at the normal hour of 7am and still had no problems getting her into the class of my choice. Maybe some people just like the “thrill” of standing in line at 4am to secure the Ivy league Hood Pre-school education of GRACE LUTHERAN!

But seriously my recommendation to anyone PCSing to Hood is to check them both out. They are both OUTSTANDING/reasonably priced programs and you will be happy with with whichever one you choose!

1007 Bacon Ranch Road
Killeen, TX 76542-2799
(254) 634-5858

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