Beef Stroganoff Recipe

1 Feb

My friends know that when you come over for dinner and you happen to like what I cooked, good luck getting the EXACT recipe. When I cook, there usually aren’t any measuring cups or tablespoons out. Instead you’ll find tasting spoons and more than likely a glass of wine out. One thing I will say about this stroganoff recipe…which is a play off my mom’s traditional recipe…is that if you don’t have the exact ingredients…DON’T PANIC! When you add cream (whether it be sour cream, heavy cream or low-fat milk) to butter, beef, mushrooms and pasta…it’s a WIN-WIN!  The magic of getting to be a good cook is learning how to make a great meal out of something in your pantry or fridge that has seen better days. Throw it in there, you just might surprise yourself! 🙂


1 lb. beef/steak (can be cubed-round, loin, sirloin, even ground beef)
2 TBS butter
1/2 yellow onion
1 clove minced garlic
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 pkg sliced mushrooms (optional)
1 1/2 cup sour cream or heavy cream or milk
1 pkg egg noodles or any kind of pasta you have on hand and need to get rid of
salt/pepper to taste

Heat butter in large skillet. Cut steak into small, bite-size pieces. Brown steak. Just before steak is completely brown, add onions. Cook onions until transparent. Add garlic, cook one minute longer. Turn heat down to med-low. Add soup. Add sour cream. If you have heavy cream you can use that. I always use what I have. If you have some sour cream you need to get rid of, use that. One time I was running low on sour cream and used that, then added a little milk. You can’t go wrong with anything creamy! 😉

After adding cream, add mushrooms. Cover and leave on low for roughly 15 minutes. While that’s cooking boil water for noodles. Boil according to package directions. Drain.

Salt/pepper your stroganoff to taste. Serve over pasta. When I don’t have egg noodles, I use any kind of pasta I have on hand.

*I was surprised at how much my kiddos liked this recipe. I did have to pick out the mushrooms, but it was winner and is a great meal to make on a dreary cold day. Not that we have many of those in Texas!

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