Garcia borracho beans

7 Feb

Making beans from scratch can be very intimidating for some. It was something I had to learn quickly after marrying my husband. His mom, who is originally from Mexico, makes these unbelievable borracho beans. They take a while..a few hours, but they are a show stopper when you serve them with fajitas, enchiladas or any other Mexican dish.

3-4 cups dry pinto beans (sift thru them and get any small rocks out)
Wash them off, then put them in large pot, just barely covered with water, turn on high. DO NOT ADD SALT!! This will make them hard.
Add 1 onion, (roughly chopped) and 2 garlic cloves.  I’ve also used a green bell pepper as well. (extra flavor) Can of diced tomatoes (you can also do a can of Rotel if you want to spice them up) Last night it was a can of diced tomatoes and then I cut up a jalapeno as well (minus the seeds)

Once the beans begin to boil, turn way down (like low-medium) the water starts going quickly. I start adding chicken/beef/veggie broth (whatever you have available) at this point. Keep adding until the beans are the consistency you would like them.

I let the simmering go on for a few hours, checking every so often and adding broth when it start looking low.

Once they are close to soft, I add bacon (3-4 strips) I’ve also added chorizo. You can really use anything you have handy. Once I added some smoked ham I had in freezer from Easter and it turned out AWESOME! If you do the chorizo, make sure you brown it first (don’t add raw)

Add the meat and let simmer some more.

Once they are soft you can turn them off and let cool. Add your salt now. I also add cilantro…gives a great flavor.

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