Lawn Care Recommendation

10 Mar

When my hubby was deployed last year, there were a few things both he and I agreed would make life easier if we just paid someone to do it. Two options on the “make life easier” table were hiring a house cleaning service twice a week or hire someone to take care of the lawn twice a month.

Most would probably choose the lawn care.  But me…I wanted a maid. 

Lawn care does not intimidate me. I actually LOVE doing it. You get sweaty, dirty and nicked up at times, but when it’s all said and done there is nothing I love more  than mowing ,weed-eating, turning on my sprinklers, opening a beer and basking in my post-lawn care glory.

I’d rather pay someone any day to clean my toilets. Especially since I’m apparently raising a boy with REALLY bad aim! 😉

The funny part is after we got bids for both the maid and lawn care options, we were shocked that we could afford both luxuries. Mostly because of what a steal Reyes and Reyes Landscaping is.

Reyes and Reyes is a local lawn care and landscaping team run by two brothers. They are fast, cheap and very friendly. For my entire front and back yard they charged a total of $30. Not bad at all when you take in the size of my backyard!

We also hired them last Spring for a big backyard project. When I had Benjamin Reyes come over and give me the bid for the work, it was about all I could do to not gasp when I heard how low of a bid he gave me. 

Reyes & Reyes Landscaping

English and Spanish

254-760-3562 or 718-6410

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