It’s Almost Summer, Do You Know If Your Sprinklers Are Working??? (insert scary-movie sound effect)

13 Apr


It gets mighty hot here in the Lonestar State! June can sometimes start out at a sweltering 104. Not trying to scare all you fair-weather friends off, but it’s the truth! 🙂

With tha t said, when buying  a home around here, a sprinkler system is pretty much the status quo.  Our home came with a in- ground sprinkler system already put in. Last summer,  however, we had a bit of a hiccup with our system.

A few of my sprinkler heads decided to peter-out and the temps were well over 100 degrees.  I’m a bit of a plant lover so any thing that threatens the livelihood of my  grass, plants, flowers, shrubs etc…gets me in panic mode 🙂

I knew the problem was way out of my league, so I called the experts in. After making 10 phone calls ( and I’m not exaggerating when I say it was 10) I finally got someone who said they could come check it out that week. Everyone else was well booked for the summer. Royel Johnson is the person who saved my day, week and eventually my summer.

Royel  had me fixed in a few days and was wonderful. He usually came in the evenings. (from what I remember, he is a retired Army EMT and began the sprinkler repair business as a side job awhile back) He even took the time to show me how to run my sprinkler system…something that had been very foreign to me. Now, thanks to everything he taught me…I’m the guru on sprinkler systems. If my friends are having a problem or need me to schedule their systems come summer time..I’m their gaL!

I’m thankful for folks, especially former Army folks,  like Royel. If yours sprinklers should need fixing, I highly recommend him ( and be sure to take notes..he’s full of knowledge on a variety of things)

 Johnson’s Sprinkler Service

Installation and Repair of Sprinklers

Lawn Maintenance and Fertilizing



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