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Cara Mia! Copperas Cove!

18 May



It’s not often I head to Copperas Cove. It’s on the other side of Fort Hood, about a 20-minute drive from my house. However, the other day my friends and I decided to meet up there for our once-a-month book club-dinner.   We opted for an Italian Restaurant called Giovanni’s. I had heard good things about the food and heard they recently reopened at a new location.

Before even pulling into Giovanni’s parking lot we could smell the fresh garlic from the highway! I was completely taken aback at how good this place was. The building looks great. There’s a water feature that runs through the main portion of their dining room, a little “lazy river” like feature with nice plants and rock accents.  

Upon taking our seats, my mouth dropped when I saw the prices for their wine on the menu. They serve mostly Italian wines…no names you would recognize from the traditional liquor store line-ups. We got a bottle of Italian Chianti for $14!!!! And, it was very good! I ordered the antipasto salad and the chicken picatta. It was top-notch. I was also impressed that on this particular Friday night,  a young man was walking around, serenading guests with his violin.

I give Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant in Copperas Cove an A+. It was well worth the drive for us. It’s always nice to support local mom and pop type of places in the cities and towns you’re stationed at…..and even nicer to break away from the common chain restaurants  like Olive Garden. (which by the way expect over an hour wait on any weekend night at the one in Killeen)

Best Sushi In Town…

16 May

Our favorite sushi place in the Ft. Hood area is Wild Wasabi. It isn’t necessarily fact, that’s probably why we don’t order it more often. It’s located on Old Veteran’s Highway,very close to the W.S. Young intersection. (Right next door to the McDonald’s)  It’s further than we’d like and at times it can be hard to reach due to Ft. Hood traffic so keep that in mind when planning your night.  Despite that obstacle, we are quite impressed with their selection of sushi rolls. Our favorite…HANDS DOWN… is #69 “Burning Love” and also the Texas Roll.  They don’t have a hibachi grill but other typical Japanese and Korean food is available along with sushi. Be sure to check it out!!! 

***Sorry, no menu available online! ***


 Killeen, TX 76541 

(254) 690-6809

Ay Caramba!! Where’s the good Mexican food?!?!??!

25 Mar

I’ve been on a bit of a food kick here lately.  Must be the time of year. The time when us gals deprive ourselves of the good stuff so we hope the summer swimsuit season is a successful one!!!

That must be why I’ve been blogging on the best  burgers, Thai food, italian food restaurants, etc… in the Ft. Hood area lately!

Being that I am a Garcia (married) and before that was a Trevino, I am definitely a Mexican food junkie. I tend to think no restaurant can do it better than my mother-in-law. Her rice and beans are something to brag about for sure. FYI…here’s her beans recipe . 🙂

Luckily, if you get orders to Ft. Hood and are a Mexican-food-fan, you’re in luck! There are some amazing places to eat in the Lone Star State, especially Central Texas.

By far and away my favorite place “locally” is Chuy’s Mexican restaurant. I say “locally” very loosely because the closest Chuy’s is in Round Rock. It’s about a 45 minute drive from our home in Harker Heights but the food is AWESOME and worth the drive. If you ever have company fly in and you have to pick them up in Austin, this is an ideal place to stop and eat on your way in.

 While you’re waiting for a table (and yes…you will wait) head over to their bar area where you will find a trunk of a car that has been turned into an all-you-can eat chips and hot sauce source…



Their menu is as eclectic as Austin. But no matter what you order, you can’t go wrong. Everything’s a winner there. My favorite are their fajitas..and of course…their mango margaritas. Man, I’m getting hungry just writing this!

Favorite Mexican Restaurant #2 is much closer. My vote goes to Taqueria Mexico #3. Yes, there are a few of them around these parts. We are lucky enough to have the #3 version just down the street on Knight’s Way in Harker Heights.  The food is very good. I’m particularly fond of their hot sauce or salsa as many  Northerners call it. When I’m entertaining I tend to stop at their drive-thru and order a large tub of it. It’s a crowd-pleaser. Their tortilla soup and beef fajita tacos are our usual orders.  It has also become a Saturday morning favorite thanks to their drive-thru and amazing selection of breakfast tacos!


 One complaint I have against them is the fact that they don’t serve beer/alcohol. From what I understand, they aren’t able to get their liquor license because they are located in close proximity to a church. But the good thing about that…is that it’s BYOB. (not always a bad thing either!)  Happy Eating!!!

Taqueria Mexico

  526 East FM 2410 Road, Harker Heights, TX 76548-5687

(254) 690-0155

Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant

2320 N Interstate 35, Round Rock, TX

(512) 255-2211 ‎


Best Burger In Town..

15 Mar

Five Guys

Having lived in Washington, D.C. a few years, you can only imagine how stoked we were to see the familiar “FIVE GUYS” sign going up just down the road at the Market Heights shopping center.  Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries originated in 1986 in Arlington, VA. Their juicy, filling burgers (a regular burger is not one..but TWO greasy patties), are right on the money!  Here are some interesting facts about the restaurant itself I found from a Tampa, Florida reviewer when a Five Guys popped up in her neighborhood:

 -Free in-the-shell peanuts in a big box at the entrance (people with peanut allergies beware; fries are also cooked in peanut oil).

– Spectacular fries, served in no-frills, no-logo, brown-paper bags that get tantalizingly besmirched with grease.

– A white board that tells you the provenance of the day’s potatoes, plus big sacks of spuds are spread around the dining room as decor.

For the whole story:

For the best burger in the Ft. Hood area, I’d say it’s Five Guys hands down….BUT because I am a Texan…I have to give props to my native burger you can easily find at any local Whataburger. If you happen to live in Texas for any amount of time without trying at least one Whataburger…SHAME ON YOU!  They are soooo good (especially if you are of the mustard variety)  and have been a family favorite for quite some time!!!

In a hurry… for some curry!!!

11 Mar

No matter where the Army takes us I hope it will always take us close to a good Thai food place! I say at least once every two weeks, I crave a good serving of spicy curry! My favorite Thai place here in the Ft. Hood area is not in Killeen, but in a small dive closer to my home in Harker Heights. Orchid Thai is a little hole in the wall resturant across the street from the Indian Trail HEB grocery store. Don’t go there for it’s ambiance. There is none. I’d guess 60% of it’s business is take-out. The rest probably comes from a healthy lunch rush. I’m not saying it’s not a good date’s just nothing fancy. A few tables, small kitchen, no alcohol served…BUT….GREAT FOOD!  

Our usual meal:  fresh spring rolls (with rice paper), chicken pad thai (spicy), yellow curry (spicy) and an extra serving of steamed rice.

Orchid Thai

600 Indian Trl # 204
Harker Heights, TX 76548-1370
(254) 680-7014