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Getting orally educated…

8 Feb

I’m a bit of a high-maintenance gal…just ask my husband and the frequent trips I make to GAP or the nearest Outlet Mall.  However,  if my dentist had any say in the matter, he’d tell you I’m a pretty low maintenance creature…ESPECIALLY in the teeth department.

I’ve never had any major work done. Just the biannual cleanings…and to be honest I’m kind of glad I only have one dentist to recommend. If I had had multiple visits to different dentists for numerous oral problems, that would mean that I had been plagued with a painful kisser…and the thought of that makes my stomach queasy.

I’m thankful I have a low maintenance mouth and I happily recommend Dental Images if you do too. Dr. DeLaPaz is friendly, fast, and to the point. One visit, I timed a little too close to the kid’s after-school pick up. I alerted the nurses I only had about 15 minutes and they had me in and out in jiffy. His office is in Harker Heights, right across from the Super Wal Mart.