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Getting orally educated…

8 Feb

I’m a bit of a high-maintenance gal…just ask my husband and the frequent trips I make to GAP or the nearest Outlet Mall.  However,  if my dentist had any say in the matter, he’d tell you I’m a pretty low maintenance creature…ESPECIALLY in the teeth department.

I’ve never had any major work done. Just the biannual cleanings…and to be honest I’m kind of glad I only have one dentist to recommend. If I had had multiple visits to different dentists for numerous oral problems, that would mean that I had been plagued with a painful kisser…and the thought of that makes my stomach queasy.

I’m thankful I have a low maintenance mouth and I happily recommend Dental Images if you do too. Dr. DeLaPaz is friendly, fast, and to the point. One visit, I timed a little too close to the kid’s after-school pick up. I alerted the nurses I only had about 15 minutes and they had me in and out in jiffy. His office is in Harker Heights, right across from the Super Wal Mart.

Say Ahhhhhhh…..

7 Feb

I recently made the biannual trip to the dentist with my kiddos.  I always think it’s funny that  a few days before their appointments they are very aggressive teeth brushers. They are sure not to skip a brushing because it’s important they not get a bad grade at the dentist’s office. I’m glad they are having a positive dentist experience at such a young age and I think that’s largely due to who I introduced them to initially.

Dr. Stephen Brandt

A friend of mine recommended Dr. Stephen Brandt when we first PCS’d here. His office is located in Killeen, close to the mall. The waiting room is a child’s dream with tropical fish tanks, televisions and video games ( a big hit with my 7-year-old)  Once called inside, the kiddos are greeted by sweet, smiling dental assistants who immediately take them to a large bin filled with toothbrushes in every color imaginable. The assistants do the  majority of the work… cleaning and entertaining, then Dr. Brandt comes in. He’s very friendly with the parents and the kiddos and has a professional, yet approachable bed-side manner.

Each visit, the kids get a “report card” with a grade. This report card makes a big impact in our home. It goes on our fridge, it’s talked about at dinner and it’s remembered until their next visit, six months later. At the end of the appointment, the kiddos get to choose another prize (balloon, pencil, silly band, etc…) and if they are cavity-free, get their name put on a board for a monthly prize drawing which can include dinner out for the family.

I will say we have had no dental issues to date (knock on wood), so I don’t have much information on Dr. Brandt other than doing a thorough cleaning job. I do know the same friend who recommended Dr. Brandt, did so because her daughter had a procedure done that required sedation dentistry. She was very pleased with the experience they had.